Temperature Control

Rotoline Wireless Temperature Control – RWTC was developed by Rotoline to give even more precision and optimization to Rotoline Machines process. It can control machine operation according to the temperature that the molds reach regardless of environment temperature variations, adjusting cycle times for every situation, both in the oven and in cooling cycles, allowing the cycles of Rotoline Machines even more efficient.


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The RWTC offers several advantages when compared to similar items available in the market. Unlike other controllers, the RWTC consists of a wireless system whose sensors (resistant to high temperatures and not requiring ice pack) are arranged by the molds, measuring temperature precisely, exactly where it needs to be calculated and adjusted. In similar devices, measurement is taken by an average that considers the temperature at different locations within the oven, thereby not offering the same accuracy as the RWTC.

The information obtained by the sensors are sent directly to the machine’s operating system, so that the software itself determines the ideal time for both the oven cycle and the cooling cycle, another distinguishing feature of the product. In addition to generating reports and graphs that allow for greater control and knowledge about cycles, the RWTC is controller that works online with the machine’s software and takes control of it, according to each reading, adjusting the time required for cycles.


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