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The Flow Funnel is a device used to test flowability (dry flow) and apparent density (bulk density) of polyethylene (PE) powders for rotational molding process. Experience over many decades indicates that PE powders need acceptable dry flow and bulk density characteristics to be handlable and rotomoldable. 

The Dry Flow and Bulk tests are important to control the quality of the material. An efficient quality control results in some advantages as:


  • Uniformity of the powder to ensure uniform thickness of the rotomolded part.
  • Repeatability in the rotomolding process, ensuring standard products
  • Possible gains with reduced oven time
  • Better internal finishing of the part.
  • Rotoline Flow Funnel was manufactured according to ASTM International - D1895-96 "Standard Test Methods for Apparent Density and Bulk Factor and Pourability of Plastic Materials”.


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