Rotoline participates in the Rotoplas Exposition in Chicago


Between October 06-09, 2014, in Chicago, Donald E. Stephens Conventions Center, another edition of the Rotoplas Exposition takes place.
Rotoplas is considered to be the biggest expo in the Rotational Molding Industry, gathering a great team of manufacturers, suppliers, designers, engineers and researchers who bring innovation in technology, products, services and specific parts for the rotational molding process, in addition to the market’s expectations for next months.
During the Rotoplas Exposition, the annual meeting of the ARM (Association of Rotational Molders) will take place together, with workshops, lectures and exhibitions of companies and of the rotational molding sector, ranging from basic introduction to rotational molding up to advanced techniques of the process.
Since September 2013, Rotoline USA opened their plant located in Kent, Ohio.
From October 10, Rotoline USA and Reduction Engineering will receive clients to visit their facilities, taking advantage of the fact  that the expo is taking place a few hours from the City of Kent, Ohio. Interested people can  get in contact to schedule a visit at the below e-mails or telephones:
United States: or by telephone: 1.330.677.3223
Brazil: or by telephone: 55.49.3324.5680.

For more information, please contact the Sales Department:


Phone: +1 330 677 3223

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